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Jurnal Borneo Akademika (BA) is published by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Cawangan Sabah. It is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal published two times a year. This multidisciplinary journal is intended to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on theory, research and research-supported practices. BA welcomes submission of research-oriented manuscripts that make significant contributions to advancing knowledge and understanding of various disciplines of interest from education, applied linguistics, social sciences, literature, tourism, accounting, communication, anthropology, policy studies to sciences. BA accepts manuscripts written in Bahasa Melayu and English.
One of the main elements of human life needs is nutrition. Nutrition plays an important role in human development, be it physical, spiritual, mental or emotional development. The concept of food in Islam is classified into halal food, makruh food, illegal food and doubtful food. The practice of halal nutrition is strongly emphasized by Islam aimed at ensuring that the physical and spiritual needs of Muslims are always harmonious, holy and loved by Allah SWT. Contrary to many illegal eating practices, it is harmful to their diet. Among them, the food will affect the soul of the eater so that he prefers evil and hates obedience, poses a danger and affects both the physical and the mental. In addition, eating habits beyond the limit also cause a variety of diseases to the diet. This is reflected in the Quran and the Hadith. The Book of Zilal al-Quran is one of the many interpretive books in the market that helps Muslims to understand and interpret the verses of the Quranic scriptures clearly and perfectly.
Keyword(s) : nutrition; implications; human development
Salah satu daripada unsur utama keperluan hidup manusia adalah pemakanan. Pemakanan berperanan penting terhadap pembangunan insan sama ada pembangunan fizikal, spiritual, mental atau emosi. Konsep makanan dalam Islam diklasifikasikan kepada makanan halal, makanan makruh, makanan haram dan makanan syubhah. Amalan pemakanan halal amat ditekankan oleh Islam bertujuan untuk memastikan fizikal dan rohani umat Islam sentiasa harmoni, suci dan dicintai Allah SWT. Berbeza dengan amalan pemakanan haram yang banyak mengakibatkan kemudaratan kepada pemakannya. Antaranya, makanan itu akan mempengaruhi jiwa pemakannya sehingga dia lebih gemar melakukan maksiat dan benci akan ketaatan, mendatangkan bahaya serta memberi kesan buruk kepada fizikal dan mental. Selain daripada itu, amalan pemakanan secara melampaui batasan juga menyebabkan pelbagai jenis penyakit kepada pemakannya. Perkara ini dipaparkan di dalam al-Quran dan Hadis. Kitab Fi Zilal al-Quran merupakan salah sebuah daripada kitab-kitab tafsir di pasaran yang banyak membantu umat Islam dalam memahami terjemahan dan tafsiran ayatayat suci al-Quran dengan jelas dan sempurna.
Kata Kunci : pemakanan; implikasi; pembangunan insan
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2. Antifungal efficacy of crude aqueous weed extracts against pathogen of cocoa black pod rot Nor Amerulah Nor Mohamad, Suhaida Salleh, Hamzah Abdul Aziz
Black pod rot is the most economically important disease of cocoa in Malaysia which is mainly caused by a highly polyphagous Phytophthora species, called Phytophthora palmivora. The fungus could attack all parts of the cocoa plant organs and caused various diseases at any growth stage from seedling until the mature stages, especially during raining season. The application of synthetic fungicides has been widely recommended to manage the disease but their repeated use had led to other problems such as environmental, human health and development of fungicide resistance issues. This study isolated and identified Phytopththora isolate from a cocoa pod sample based on micro-morphological characters. Besides, the present investigation was undertaken to screen for the antifungal potency of different weed extracts against the Phytophthora pathogen using poisoned food technique. The fungal isolate was successfully recovered from pod tissues of clone PBC123 on 20% tomato juice agar culture (20T). Only one out of ten weed extracts tested showed a significant in vitro inhibitory effect towards mycelial growth of Phytophthora isolate, which was aqueous crude leaf extract of Solanum torvum (42.68%). This study indicated that the potential of weed extracts in the management of Phytophthora diseases, and may offer more natural, effective and economical control methods.
Keyword(s) : Black pod rot, Phytophthora palmivora, poisoned food technique, tomato juice agar culture, Solanum torvum.

Kata Kunci :
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This article discusses the concept of the greatness of the Quran as a miracle as well as the main source which is supposed to be a constitution of life. The Quran is not only a guide to the lives of Muslims, it is also a guide and a lifeline to all humanity and even to the jinn. Therefore, the Quran is a blessing to all the world through its teachings as well as the knowledge it contains. The grace of the Quran is in line with the revelation of the Quran to His Prophet who is also a universal mercy. Therefore, this article seeks to dig into the evidence that shows the Quran is a great miracle and a guide for life and mercy for all the world.
Keyword(s) : al-Quran; constitution; mercy
Artikel ini membahaskan konsep keagungan al-Quran sebagai mukjizat serta sumber utama yang seharusnya dijadikan perlembagaan hidup. Al-Quran bukan sahaja menjadi panduan hidup umat Islam, malahan turut menjadi pedoman dan pegangan hidup buat seluruh umat manusia termasuk bangsa jin. Oleh sebab itu, al-Quran menjadi rahmat buat sekalian alam melalui ajaran yang termaktub di dalamnya dan ilmu pengetahuan yang terkandung di dalamnya. Rahmat al-Quran ini selaras dengan wahyu al-Quran yang diturunkan kepada Baginda Nabi ??? ???? ???? ???? yang turut menjadi rahmat buat sekalian alam. Justeru, artikel ini cuba untuk menggali bukti-bukti yang menunjukkan bahawa al-Quran merupakan mukjizat yang agung yang menjadi pedoman hidup dan rahmat buat sekalian alam.
Kata Kunci : al-Quran; perlembagaan; rahmat
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